Goodbye to Shanell Owen

Photo by Elaine Bassier

Only Shanell can explain her reasons for deciding to volunteer with the Committee Against Domestic Violence in 1990. This was just about the same time as I took a leave as a staff member and became a trainer and board member for the organization. For the next 10 years, Shanell volunteered as an advocate, working directly with victims on the crisis line, and as backup, meeting with victims face to face with law enforcement and the hospital. After CADV completed construction and moved into Harbor House in 1998, Shanell provided advocacy to victims after office hours at Harbor House too. I remember discussing with Shanell the need for individuals on the board of directors who could understand the business side of CADV while never forgetting the victims. In 2000, Shanell became a member of the board of directors. As a board member, she has helped with fundraising, developing policies and procedures, and updating articles and bylaws. Throughout her 15 years as a board member, she has held every office including President. Throughout that time, Shanell never forgot we exist for the victims and their children. Not many people are willing to dedicate 25 years of their lives to one cause much less one organization. I want to thank Shanell publicly for her dedication and the board has just a small token of appreciation for her now. Thank you Shanell, you are an example of giving and caring to our community.

Support is a Keyboard Click Away

There is often more than just that one step—actually walking out the door—involved in leaving an abusive partner. A victim of abuse first needs support, resources, encouragement and a plan. She or he also needs the strength to take action, the fortitude to not go back to an abusive partner and the belief that his or her future can be brighter and healthier than the present.

One of the best forms of support is peer support. Connecting with other survivors and sharing your story can help you feel validated, understood and, most importantly, not alone.

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Beyond a Bruise: Would You Recognize Abuse Even if it Didn’t Leave a Mark?

When people think of domestic violence, they often picture women with black eyes, bruises on their arms, or with unexplained bandages or casts. But the sad truth is that domestic violence doesn’t always come with visible proof. Abusers may harm their victims physically, or they may harm them verbally, psychologically or emotionally. Their tactics are varied, and sometimes, this means the victim herself doesn’t even recognize certain behaviors initially as abuse, says Carmen Pitre, executive director of the Sojourner Family Peace Center, the largest nonprofit provider of domestic violence support services in Wisconsin.

“Some people just don’t identify that what’s going on in their relationship as domestic violence. And for lots of women, abuse doesn’t happen everyday. The breaks in-between the abuse instill hope that things will change.”

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5K Remembrance Run in April

Please join us as the Committee Against Domestic Violence, families and friends honor the women who lost their lives to domestic violence during 2011 at a remembrance ceremony and run.

May 2nd, 2015
9:00 am
Peace Park

5K Remembrance Run Fee—$35.00 Children under 12 for free
First 48 paid participants receive a free t-shirt
For more information or pay entry fee call: Danielle Widmer @ 388-7532
All funds will benefit victims of domestic violence.

Remember My Name:
Mary Inman
Micaela Costanzo
Kelly Jo Dubue-Woodward
Stephanie Estrada
Stacie Stefka

Help get the word out by clicking here to download and print the flyer.

Remembrance Raffle

maryRemember My Name
Shout it
from the center of your soul Wake me
in my grave
Let ME know
My LIVING was not in vain.
Raffle in Memory of Mary Inman 1969-2011




1 @ $5.00
6 @ $25.00
Drawing on April 30, 2015
Raffle Prizes Include:
*Handmade quilt donated by the Family of Mary Inman
*Handmade baby quilt donated by Vivian Joy
*Lay hen donated by Rebecca Stanton
*Handmade afghan donated by Fred Chesbrough
*Propane BBQ Grill
*Impact X Rocker Gaming Chair
*4 Ft Teddy Bear
*Gift Baskets
And More

All funds will benefit victims of domestic violence

For more information contact:
Elko Committee Against Domestic Violence 775-738-6524
Purchase Tickets From
Phone #:

Help spread the word by downloading and printing the flyer.