Power Positions: What Happens When A Person With Fame And Influence Chooses To Abuse

Abusers are sly. They start out as charming, thoughtful, kind, before morphing into something that’s anything but. They can be the people you least expect—educated, wealthy, influential in the community. Many survivors of abuse will attest to this very fact—“ He was a completely different person behind closed doors than he was in public.

So why is it that men who seemingly have more to lose—those in the public eye, who know that their wrong-doings will be examined under a microscope for all to judge—still choose to abuse?

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If You’re Being Stalked: What To Do To Ensure Your Safety And Make It Stop

Stalking can be a component of domestic violence, most often occurring after a survivor leaves an abusive partner. It’s another form of control by an abuser and can also be used as a way to intimidate a partner. However, anyone can be stalked. You may not even know your stalker very well, but are sure that you’re being stalked.

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December 2014 Wishlist

Yvette Waters

The generosity of the Elko Community is essential to providing healthy meals for victims and their children during their shelter stay at Harbor House. Harbor House’s groceries average $3,000 a month. In addition, the value of pantry and supply donations are used as matching funds required to secure and maintain state and federal grants.

Unfortunately, our organization received donations during the past few months of food past its expiration date. Sadly, this meant Harbor House was unable to use not only the food donated but also other food, which became invested with weevils from expired dry goods.

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